Friday, April 30, 2010

Car crashes and endorsements

This is definitely the Election-Like-No-Other. It is more like the plot for a political novel in which the storyline gets more outlandish the more into it you get. With the Labour campaign widely regarded as a car crash, what do we get? None other than a car crash right in front of the PM, just as Peter Prince of Darkness Mandelson is speaking. He is halted by the screeching of brakes and the slamming of a car into a bus shelter. Fortunately no one was injured. But it just says it all about the Labour campaign.

Meanwhile, Labour has just lost the support of two more newspapers. The Times has gone back to the Tories. And now the Guardian has come out in favour of the Lib Dems with a crushing editorial about Gordon Brown.

Not to be left out, I can officially announce that the Northern Democrat, an email newsletter I edit (and which is independent of the party) has unsurprisingly come out in favour of the Lib Dems! I edited the latest edition today and have just sent it to the mailing list. I'll get it onto my scribd site on Saturday.

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kevin scott said...

Nice of you to mention the BNP in your latest election mailshot in Gateshead, Jonathan.

I appreciate it!!

kevin scott said...

One interesting snippet of info I have picked up from my sources is that Labour have cancelled a last-minute bulk print-run of election day leaflets.

They have either run out of money or conceded defeat, it seems. Take your pick?

Anonymous said...

A bit tenuous to try to blame Labour for some rubbernecking twat who drives into a bus shelter.