Friday, April 02, 2010

Helping in Newcastle

I have just finished a delivery round in Newcastle and I'm waiting for the rest of my team to switch on their phones so I can tell them I'm finished. However, putting aside the irritating problem of people not switching on their phones, I can report further on the interesting development in Westgate ward of Newcastle. I mentioned in passing recently that Labour voters are developing an increasing tendency not to back Labour in the general election and that only one of their ward councillors has a profile sufficient enough to generate a personal vote.

I now hear rumours from our people on the patch that the councillor who is defending the ward this year, Cllr O'Brien, has a bit of a negative when it comes to where he lives. I understand Mr O'Brien lives some distance away in posh Gosforth. This isn't a useful selling point. Whether or not this is enough to keep victory from Labour in the ward in May is not clear but Cllr O'Brien got in by less than 200 votes when he was last elected. And I hear a few of our people are fancying our chances there.

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