Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brown's non-appearance in Labour literature

I was struck by the news this evening that Gordon Brown is, according to Labour sources, going to take on a more active role in the Labour campaign and will get out to meet more people. It made me think, "Does Brown appear in Labour literature in Blaydon constituency?"

I got out my file of leaflets and checked through them. I could find no mention of Brown and no pictures of him either. Rather odd for David Anderson not to include Mr Brown in his re-election campaign. He was, after all, a committed Brownite whilst Blair was Labour Leader.

Maybe Mr Brown will put in a late appearance in Mr Anderson's literature, or maybe Mr Anderson simply wants to get re-elected instead!

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Anonymous said...

David Anderson, big supporter of the disabled?, this is what his party is going to do to the disabled.

"We know that some people will claim that the minister’s comments are evidence that campaigning to save DLA was unnecessary. It’s a claim, however, that can only be be made by ignoring such as the following."

As will the Tories and the lib dems...God save us from them.