Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend round up

A rare event happened yesterday. The Tory candidate from Tunbridge Wells was spotted in Blaydon constituency. And the person who saw him was none other than our own candidate Neil Bradbury. Neil was going into our office in Whickham at the time. Quite how long the Tunbridge Tory was hanging around outside our office door is not known. Why he was outside our office is not know either.

Perhaps he was wanting evidence to correct his recent allegation that we get most of our leaflets printed in London. Actually, most of our leaflets are printed in our Whickham office, right in the heart of Blaydon constituency. The Tory candidate's allegations are somewhat rich - after all, London is closer to Blaydon that Tunbridge!

Anyway, having spent yesterday morning delivering Focuses (printed in Blaydon constituency), I spent the afternoon preparing for the podcast we were recording in the evening. Stars of the podcast were Neil, Cllr Brenda Osborne and me. It will go out with our next email newsletter.

Today I had a bit of time off. Cause of this slack approach to election activity was Mother's birthday. I went to Newcastle this evening. Adoption meeting for the Newcastle candidates. There was some talk of feedback picked up from within the Labour party about Newcastle Central. I was shown some of the evidence for Labour's nervousness. Nice!

Anyway, I'm just about to sort the photos from the Newcastle meeting. Will report back again soon.
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