Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Volcano eruptions worse under a hung parliament

The desperation in the Tories' ranks is now clear for all to see. Ken Clarke claims the pound is at risk if there is a hung parliament (in other words, the pound is at risk, claim the Tories, if there is no majority for them). The IMF will have to step in if Cameron is not given a majority to do whatever he wants to do. So the scare tactics are underway. What claims are coming next from the Tories? How about volcanic eruptions are worse under a hung parliament? Plague and pestilence will be worse if the Tories don't have a majority. Hung parliaments will lead to babies being eaten for breakfast.

The problem for the Tories is that the more extreme their claims, the less people will believe them. Given the state of the polls for months, a hung parliament has already been factored in to its value. And given the history of the decline of the pound over the past 65 years of majority government, the Tories are not in a position to make their claims stick.

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John said...

The other problem for the Tories is that the logical extension to that argument is that ANY government with a majority is better - EVEN a LABOUR GOVERNMENT.

Perhaps someone should ask them the question (anybody in the media intelligent enough?) `I take it you'd feel it safer for Labour to gain power than a hung parliament?`

kevin scott said...

At the moment, being a member of the Lib Dems is just like being a member of the BNP!!

'Nazi' slurs in the Daily Mail and criticism of your immigration policy(for opposite reasons, it must be stressed) in the Daily Express!!

Questions about Nick Clegg's financial probity in the Telegraph too!

All you need now is for local councils and the Northumbria Police Authority to fund an anti-Lib Dem group (as they do with the local anti-BNP group) and we would all be in this together!! lol