Friday, April 23, 2010

Love bombing Labour at the Council

Full council in Gateshead this afternoon and the smooth flow of events hit a bumpy patch when my colleague Frank Hindle proposed an amendment calling on planned increases in home care charges be referred to a scrutiny committee. The amendment was defeated. Well, there's a surprise. Next up was the cabinet report. I got up to speak on plans for play equipment in Sunniside Park. I was welcoming what was proposed (though I have been involved with this project for nearly three years.) As I was agreeing with what was on offer, I announced that I was about to "love bomb" the ruling Labour group! This got cheers from some on the Labour benches, and shudders from others!

Anyway I watched the Leaders' debate and then headed down to our office to print some more leaflets. I kept getting text messages about the polls. It wasn't easy to read them whilst standing over a riso that was having a temperamental strop. Fortunately the print run was finished by midnight.
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