Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jumping the gun in the cold

We didn't have snow yesterday in Gateshead but it was very cold. And typically, it had to happen on a day when we were doing a tour of Whickham village centre. We started in the car park behind the library, then went over to Chase Park, and then walked down to the Hermitage Community Garden. When that was done, we headed in to the Community Centre for a meeting of the Inner West Forum.

Park equipment in Sunniside and Swalwell Parks were amongst the issues discussed. Then at the end, a known Labour supporter congratulated the chairman of the Forum, Cllr Ian Mearns, on his selection as Labour candidate for Gateshead and said this was therefore his last meeting as chair. There is the slight issue of the general election and people's right to democratic participation and the right to vote for one's MP to take into account. Ian was a bit more circumspect, saying he hoped it was his last meeting! Ian is defending a comfortable Labour majority and many may feel he is on his way to Westminster. But wouldn't it bring a smile to the faces of some if Cllr Mearns were to retain his position as Forum chairman and not have to look for that one bedroom rented flat in London after all!?
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