Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sun tans courtesy of Focus leaflets

I last caught the sun in November last year whilst doing some filming and travelling in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Today, the not so sunny weather of Tyneside still ensured I got a pleasant hue to my skin that some would pay a fortune to acquire on a sunbed (or on some sunny beach somewhere abroad). Others pay wads of cash to pass through the doors of a gym to work off the excess fat. Delivering Focus newsletters (and Parliamentary campaign leaflets) meets the fat challenge head on (though given we pay for our Focus leaflets it may be cheaper to do the gym instead!)

Anyway, I am back home now ready to do battle with the PC on the PC - I'm writing the next edition of Parliamentary Campaigner on my PC and the clock is ticking on this one. I need to finish by Tuesday morning. I see late nights ahead.

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