Friday, April 23, 2010

A well prepared, fully rehearsed, off-the-cuff remark

This is classic New Labour spin. And classic Gordon Brown clunking fist (in which he issues himself a knock out blow). Brown's comment last night about Clegg and Cameron comparing them to his sons squabbling at bath time was clearly well rehearsed (and poorly presented as Nick pointed out immediately). It was also a poor copy of Nick's comment in the previous debate about the two old parties.

Alas, evidence of just how not off-the-cuff Brown's remark was has been reported on Sky News. His notes at his podium were photographed. And apparently there in the photo was a prompt note of his off- the-cuff comment!

I think it was Churchill who was once quoted as saying he had to prepare his impromptu comments for the next day. And I guess this is one of the few times Brown has been compared with Churchill!
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