Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Conversations with constituents

My two ward colleagues - Marilynn Ord and John McClurey - and I took the decision that the big target mail drop we were doing today should be delivered by us, rather than by our delivery network. Whether or not this was a sane decision is a debatable point but we had 1500 letter between us for delivery. We felt we had asked a great deal from our team of volunteers so it was time to give them a break. That's what I kept telling myself when we set out at 9.30am to hit the streets.

After a break at lunchtime, I finished the chunk of the ward I was doing by 6.30pm. It was however an interesting time as constituents stopped to talk to me. Issues covered included the expenses scandal, traffic lights in Sunniside, what makes good garden compost, history research carried out by the U3A, houses in Whickham that no longer exist and vanishing local streams. Quite a mix!
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