Thursday, April 08, 2010

Labour's freepost leaflet arrives

I have blogged recently about the lack of any Labour literature in Blaydon constituency. Well, today (Thursday) we had the answer. A Labour leaflet arrived. The fact that it was their freepost to the first name in each household was enough to raise an eyebrow with me. Labour have had to use their main freepost literature as a flying start leaflet. Yes, this frees up some election expenses for use on other literature during the campaign, but it also suggests that Labour have a significant problem getting material delivered. In other words, in Blaydon constituency much of the Labour grassroots have died out. I guess Labour faces rhe same problem elsewhere.

My guess is that Labour will use the freed up election expenses to send direct mail by post. Royal Mail can do the delivery that Labour's crumbling grassroots can no longer do. Quite how Labour will deliver their local election material is yet to be seen.

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