Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do not get carried away with the poll results

The Populus poll result on the Leaders' debate has just come through, putting Nick on 61%. Whilst this is good news, and added to the other polls all showing Nick in the lead (with Sky's poll putting Nick on 51%) I feel I am going to bed with a buzz, we should be cautious. Firstly, the shares in the polls are wildly different. Secondly, we now have a new challenge. The public perception is that Nick won. Now we have to maintain the momentum and hold on to the newly gained territory. And that will be a significant challenge indeed.

But watch now for the other parties turning their guns on us. I won't have a problem with that as it will look like the old parties ganging up on us to protect their own system. But we will have to be ready for it. Challenging times ahead.

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kevin scott said...

Your party is part of the "system", Jonathan, hence the invitation to Clegg to join the debate.

Isn't it time you dropped the pretence that the Lib Dems are some kind of anti-establishment party?

sandy waddle said...

Why is your opinion about anything of any value to anyone, Kev?

You're Deckham's answer to Alf Garnett, that's all you've ever been and all you ever will be. One rung above McFarlane, what a place to be.

Having said that, I firmly believe that you understand that Cyclops is a wrong 'un and has a limited shelf life. There may yet be a future for you in the world of British fascism...

kevin scott said...


Nice to see you are still earning your corn by 'monitoring' websites at the taxpayers' expense, Paul!!

Are you now going to claim the mantle of political 'insurgent' instead of Jonathan?

But be sure not to tell anyone about the money you get from Northumbria Police!! lol