Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bottom of the "political class"

I have just watched the shambolic launch of the UKIP campaign which amounted to a bunch of journalists crammed into a small room and the members of the panel talking over each other. The only words I could pick up from Lord Pearson, the low profile UKIP leader, were "political class". These are his favourite words. He peppers all speeches with them. The question is, does this life peer who leads UKIP in Parliament regard himself as part of the "political class"? Secondly, what the hell does he mean by "political class"? Using a term like that without defining what is meant by it is normally enough to send you to the bottom of the class.

I am not sure yet if UKIP are standing in Blaydon. Last time they did but got only about 3%. We shall see.
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