Friday, October 19, 2007

The arrogance of Labour is incredible

Labour MP for Tyne Bridge, David Clelland, claims that the national interest and having a Labour government are the same thing. I found this quote recently on his website: "those who criticised the decision not to go to the polls as ‘putting the party's interests before the country’s’ completely miss the point - we believe the two are indivisible."

Can you believe the arrogance of Labour to make such a boast? And frankly, it is all the more rich coming from someone who spends a great deal of time whinging and whining about what his government has or hasn't done. The above quote comes from his Parliamentary Report dated 11th October. On the same date, and in a different part of the same website, he is slagging off his own government over their failure to upgrade the A1.

(By the way, the website is quite clear that the Parliamentary Report is to the Labour constituency party, not to constituents. In his 22 years as MP here, I am not aware of his ever producing a Parliamentary Report for residents.)

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Toby Philpott said...

That sounds EXACTLY like the rhetorical bollocks that issues forth from the Communist Party of China.

Arrogant fool deserves a serious kicking from the electorate for that.

I've noticed parallels over time between Labour and the CPC in the way they approach issues. Tianjin Tom Watson's attacks on Jodi Dunn for being a defence barrister which parallel similar attacks on lawyers in China who stand up for political dissidents. Contempt for civil liberties in the name of security. Efforts to water down Freedom of Information legislation. I could go on.

This just puts the lid on it.