Friday, April 18, 2008

Labour Council Leader calls Labour councillors "liars"

Councillor Albert Nugent, leader of Durham County Council, doesn't seem to be having a good time at the moment. First he was slated by the Audit Commission which announced, "There are significant weaknesses in the political leadership provided by the Leader of Council and the Cabinet.” The Commission then helpfully added, “There is limited visible political leadership in key priority areas such as economic development. Politicians are not consistently challenging in holding officers to account.”

Such damning comments must have sent Cllr Nugent's nerves jangling. And so, at a recent cabinet meeting, the last before the elections on 1st May, he comes out all guns blazing. But his target appears to be very much his own side.

Cllr Nugent launched an attack on the "lies, lies, lies" of Labour councillors. “I have come into County Hall on many mornings to find my own party colleagues conniving with the opposition to get rid of me," he said. "I have survived votes of no confidence from my own party members and I have had to listen to lies, lies, lies being told about me."

The press were there to pick up this amazing tirade and thanks go to The Newcastle Journal for bringing us this story.

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Anonymous said...

From what I have been told by a number of former colleagues at Durham County Council, the place has been falling apart at the seems for a long time now, rapidly under the East Durham regime.

I thank god I left to work for Gateshead in 2003

Louise Reay, 36, Sunniside.