Monday, June 02, 2008

Councillor Alan Ord - rest in peace

I was walking out of Victoria Station this morning when I got the news. My colleague of 20 years, Councillor Alan Ord, has died. He went into hospital two weeks ago for an operation that, if successful, would have assisted him to recover fully from a serious case of food poisoning from which he nearly died in 2006. The operation did appear, at first, to be a success. He came home on Friday. But complications set in and he was taken back to hospital over the weekend. He died this morning.

Alan was elected to Gateshead Council the year after I was. He had just completed 20 years on the authority. His wife Marilynn is also a councillor for our ward. Our thoughts are with her and their two sons Andrew and Arran.

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Anonymous said...

i was so sad to hear about allan and it is my first opportunity to send our condolences from wear valley liberal democrats alan was a candidate in north durham on a couple of occassions and we thank him and his family for that keep in touch john bailey chairman wear valley lib dems