Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Neil Trafford RIP

It was announced today that Neil Trafford died on Sunday following a road accident. Neil was the campaigns officer for the North West region. I have known him for some years and saw him last week when he came into Cowley St. He was a first class campaigner and had made a significant contribution to the party, especially in the North West.

It is a great tragedy that such a young and talented person has been taken from us. I worked with Neil on the Sedgefield by-election. He was on the literature team. He was usually amongst the first to get the photos I had been sent out to gather in.

A great guy. Neil, you will be greatly missed.

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David Evans said...

Neil was simply one of the good guys.

Ashley Byrne said...

Neil was a great guy and a good and loyal friend to me over many years.

I sat next to him for Nick's speech at conference this year and will never forget that last conversation I had with him.

Despite being so busy in politics, his feet remained firmly on the ground and he's one of the few people I know who always saw the bigger picture - and that there is a life outside the political whirl!

He had an infectious personality and would always go out of his way to accommodate and speak to people.

Despite living in the same city, we didn't see each other as often as we should have. We often saw things from completely the same 'Liberal' angle and whenever I doubted the way the party might be heading, Neil would always convince me that things were still worth fighting for.

He's a really sad loss - and someone i'll never, ever forget.