Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About to pack

I have just left George Crozier's leaving do in Westminster. Contrary to popular opinion, as implied by one of my regular readers, only a small number of people are leaving Cowley St. We are moving on for different reasons and we are all being replaced! So sorry Kevin, not quite the story you were suggesting!

Anyway, I am heading back to the flat now to pack for our holiday. We leave tomorrow for a cruise to Norway, Faeroes, Iceland and the Orkneys. A chance to take lots of photos and video. The house, allotment and cat Freda are being looked after by Mam, Dad and our friend Glenys. We have decided however that this is possibly not the best time of year to go on holiday, just when the first crops are ready for harvesting on the allotment.
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Andy Swaddle said...

Oh! So there is a story then Jonathan?
Andy Swaddle.