Saturday, October 02, 2010

Photos from Conference

At last, I've got round to sorting all the photos from Conference. A selection is now on Flickr. You can see them at I sent out the link to 700 people on my email list yesterday with the result that there were 500 visits to the site yesterday. The photos can be used in Lib Dem literature.

I've included a few of my favourites below.

Lib Dem Cabinet Q and A Sept 10
The Cabinet Q&A on the last day of Conference and one of the last photos I took before leaving Liverpool.

Nick Harvey Sept 10 2
Nick Harvey MP, Armed Forces Minister, welcomes the Lib Dem call to put Trident into the Defence Review.

Northern Reception Sept 10 6
Daniel from Durham is interviewed by BBC North East at the Northern Night reception.

Northern Reception Sept 10 3
Nick Clegg speaking at the Northern Night reception

fairer votes North East Sept 10 3
North East Lib Dems launch the "Yes" vote campaign for the AV referendum.

Nick Clegg speech sept 10 9
Nick Clegg's speech.

media rugby scrum Sept 10 1
Miriam Clegg takes her seat for Nick's speech and is greeted by a scrum of photographers (me included).

Lib Dem merchandise Sept 10 2
In an attempt to boost membership even more, Teddy Bear's are now allowed to join!

conference hall Sept 10 3
Conference listens to Nick speak.

conference hall Sept 10 4
Conference continues to listen to Nick speak.

Nick Clegg exhibition tour Sept 10 14
Nick visits the Parliamentary Candidates Association stand in the exhibition tour.

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