Thursday, July 28, 2022

Drought restrictions approaching


I've been saying since January that rainfall is greatly reduced this year. Normally in January I am plodding around in mud up to my ankles but the start of the year was damp but not as wet as we would normally expect. Every month since then, rainfall has been minimal, and for many weeks at a time, non-existent. Some areas of the country are now facing drought restrictions but we all now need to start saving water. Do you need to clean the car so often? Do you need to bathe rather than shower (and when showering is it necessary to leave the water running the whole of the time you are in the shower)? Do you need to clean all your towels after a single use.

Water is a resource and should be treated as such. We must be sparing with its use. A few thoughts on this issue in the video above.

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