Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Waldorf and Statler of Gateshead Council


Now that I am retired from the role of Leader of the Opposition in Gateshead, I thought I would invite Labour Council Leader Martin Gannon to join me on the backbenches. I am reliably informed that he had quite a torrid time at Labour group last week, which was accompanied by lots of shouting and defeat for the plans to close leisure centres. Martin became Leader in 2016 after a palace coup that saw former Leader Mick Henry sent into the political desert. Martin led the rebellion against the proposed devolution plans back then, plans to which Mick had put his signature. Oddly enough, the 7 councils in the North East, including Gateshead, are backing new devolution plans which look like a clone of what Martin defeated back in 2016.

We are hearing murmurings of dissatisfaction from within Labour and suggestions that rivals are circling. Time to go Martin? Come and join me on the backbenches where we could both become grumpy old men heckling the front benches. We could be the Waldorf and Statler of Gateshead Council!

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