Friday, January 30, 2009

50th councillor elected in Newcastle after gain from Labour

Having blogged that we won last night in Fenham in Newcastle, taking Labour's last seat in the ward, I can now give you the vote:

Lib Dem 1049.
Labour 1025
BNP 836
Con 186

That means we have 50 councillors in the city. Not bad after 5 years of control and a majority substantially increased on the authority from when the Lib Dems first won it (back in 2004 we had 44 seats).

A bad result for Labour who opted for a 4 month campaign in the hope of appearing as the underdogs trying to claw back the Lib Dem lead. Had they gone for a shorter campaign, they would have gone to the polls at a time when Labour were doing better in the polls and were basking in the rather short lived glow of their victory in the Glenrothes by-election. Their tactical error raises further doubts about their group leader in the city.

As for the BNP I'm not sure whether they will be elated or devastated by the result. No doubt BNP readers of this blog will make their views clear. I guess it depends on which starting point you take. The rise in their vote from the last election will make them happy. If the starting point was their expectation as they went into the final stretch of the campaign, they will be disappointed - not that I would expect them to admit it. Nevertheless, there is a warning in the result for all parties.

And finally, the Tories. Yet again they have failed to register on the radar screen. Whilst a Tory recovery may appear to be taking place throughout the country, the reality on the ground in places like Newcastle and many other metropolitan areas is that the Tories are the distant 4th party. Remember, Fenham was a ward they held in the Thatcher period.

Back to lessons, at least for the Lib Dems. We were in the slightly unusual position of being the dominant party that is in control of the council. Strategies for defending records are different from going on the attack in areas where other parties are in control. Picking up the seat in the more difficult circumstances of not having the luxury of being in opposition is all the more remarkable even with such a small majority in the actual result. Nevertheless, we need to look closely at what worked, what didn't and what needs to be done to counteract opponents. And no doubt opponents will have views on that as well.

So well done Newcastle. And let's have more gains in the future!
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Anonymous said...

Elated, of course, Jonathan.

Trebling your vote in any election is a cause for celebration.

If we do that in the Euro elections this June, the BNP will have an MEP in the North East!

Anonymous said...

186 "true blue" Conservative voters who are still living in the past thinking the Conservative Party remains a formidable right wing party. Pause to think for a moment. Had the BNP (real Conservative Party in reality) completely taken over the Conservative Party, we could have had an even more thrilling 3 way contest in Fenham.

LD 1049 L 1025 BNP 1022

In time for the next local elecs perhaps?

Anonymous said...

What a humilliation for the BNP representative from Durham on the BBC's Politics Show.

When questioned by the BBC presenter about the BNP party's constitution he said, "The BNP is not a racist party. If it was a racist party I would leave today".

He then went on to say "I would join the Black Police Officer's Association as well but I can't because I am white!"

I fell about laughing at this person from the BNP. Talk about dropping yourself and your "party" in it! It was a classic example of the levels of intelligence in the heads of BNP members which we witness daily in our area. That is the big reason why they will never pass the stage of the protest vote.

Alan Dobson

Anonymous said...

Well I had a great night at the count.I was also on polling station duty. I sat and talked to a wonderful fellow councillor of yours Jonathan,Brenda Hindmarsh. lovely woman, and not what I was expecting. That lady well deserves her councillorship. But we both know there was a lot of worried people in that room, more so from Labour who understand that the electorate have seen straight through them and are taking no more of it.There were a lot of No Carders though! For those not in the know, these are Postal voters who have not posted their vote but didn't have them on the night. The whole electoral process needs a Revamp as I am sure you would agree. As no identification was necessary to cast a ballot box vote other than name and address. At least one form of I.D should in future be presented as a safeguard against electoral fraud. Not that I am saying that is what is happening (you understand),but to remove all possibilities is better than to not have them in place surely. Congratulations Mitsi seems like a very nice lady.

Regards Andy Swaddle.

Anonymous said...

Is the Black Police Officer's Association 'racist' though, Alan?

That was the point Mark Walker was trying to make.

Well, is it?

Moreover, if the liberal media don't get their knickers in a twist about such groups, why sould they be concerned about the BNP wanting to stand up for white people?

Anonymous said...

I watched that program, and Mark Walker did himself and the BNP no favours whatsoever. The BBC presenter had him trapped, shown up and sewn up hook line and sinker before he even sat his bottom on the chair on stage.

As for the Black Police Officers Association, I don't know Kevin -are they racist? In my opinion, the angry tone of your rep's voice in his answer that showed one or two true feelings on the fact that he couldn't join because he was white! Perhaps not the most intelligent of phrases.

So who governs the Black Police Officers Association? Surely the Home Office must be responsible Ifor overseeing this organisation? I am interested enough to look into that one - independently, of course.

Anonymous said...

What about the Black Sections of the trade unions, Andrea?

Are they 'racist' too?

You also seem very trusting of the Home Office as well. I don't understand why?

The whole of the British state and its auxilliary apparatus has been infected with political correctness. Until that is dealt with root and branch, we will continue to struggle in our society with the double think attitudes you so eloquently display on here.

As for Mark's performance on the Politics Show: he did well enough for a first-time effort.

Unlike you, I know how difficult it is to face a hostile interviewer in the media.

Phil Wilson, the Sedgefield Labour MP interviewed after Mark, even struggled with the soft questions lobbed at him by the same interviewer.

You don't think the BBC is biased against the BNP do you, Andrea?

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with some of the things you say Kevin, but oh dear, your defensive and offensive streak certainly shows at times. You would think I was attacking your friend to crucifiction. Quite the opposite in fact. Please read my first paragraph again.

Not a member of a trade union - don't believe in them generally, nor do I believe in giving money to the Labour Party or any other party for that.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Glenrothes bye - election result was falsified - records destroyed"...

"McCain HQ in office of Election Rigger! Greg Palast"

Anonymous said...

Is that 'offensive' as in Carol Thatcher.....

or Jonathan Ross?

Anonymous said...

Now come on Kevin. We are talking about "sesible politicians" here, not bird brianed paid up twits at the BBC who don't deserve to be where they are.

How can you compare anyone or indeed anything against them? You're much brighter than that Kevin