Saturday, April 10, 2010

Labour's totally contradictory messages - in the same leaflet!

I called into the Newcastle North Lib Dem HQ yesterday to see how Ron Beadle was getting on. Whilst there I joined in the general merriment and hilarity about the totally contradictory claims about crime and public safety that had been found in the same Labour leaflet.

Turn to page 2 of Labour's "Local Voice". It states, "With a Lib Dem reluctance to vote in favour of the power to break up teen gangs, it's hardly surprising that many local residents have told The Local Voice that they are afraid to leave their homes at night."

Then turn to page 3 of the same "Local Voice" and find a quote from a Stuart Hepinstall, presumably a "local resident". What does Mr Hepinstall say? Here it is: "It feels safer to walk around here than in the past: there's more police and less crime."

I'm looking forward to the next edition. Apparently it will say on page 2 that Lib Dems spread plague and pestilence and as a result people are dying. On page 3, the "Local Voice" will be claiming that everyone is living longer, happier, healthier lives with Labour having eradicated all disease and illness.

The edition after that, it is rumoured, will be looking at the way Lib Dems eat babies for breakfast whilst simultaneously claiming that under Labour all breakfasts are vegetarian.

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Phil said... do understand that those two statements aren't contradictory, right? Unless of course you think that "many" means "all".