Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The next step for our community library

Land Rover at Gateshead Civic Centre Now 13

Our plans to set up a community library in Marley Hill Community Centre took a small step forward yesterday. Currently we have a large quantity of books in boxes which we store under the stage. It's a complete pain having to get them out, put onto tables and then put back under the stage. Then we discovered that Gateshead Civic Centre was giving away some surplus cupboards. We checked them out, found they were perfect for what we wanted and agreed to take two of them. The big task was getting them to the Community Centre. So yesterday, I turned up at the delivery entrance of the Civic Centre with my land rover and trailer. These are normally used for moving bee hives and goats so heavy duty cupboards was a bit of a new experience.

With my ward colleague, Cllr John McClurey, we got them into my trailer and eventually got them to Marley Hill. With Trevor, our caretaker, we got them into the building where we found we can fit another 3. So we will be asking for more spares. The library will be open on Sunday though we won't be using the cupboards. At the moment we don't have the clips for the shelves. So another episode of crawling about under the stage is forthcoming.

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