Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Labour's fossilised North East establishment versus the raving revolutionaries

The dinosaur Labour establishment which believes the North East is a Labour one party state has just been given a bloody nose by the raving revolutionaries of the Momentum Corbyn fan club. Our local newspaper, The Journal, reported today on a meeting of the North West Durham constituency in which Momentum members turned up in large numbers and had the audacity not to vote back in the MP's husband as the long serving "campaign co-ordinator". Bob Glass was dumped in favour of Paul Simpson, a Corbyn devotee and left wing blogger.

Quite what on which Mr Glass has campaigned in recent years, other than his wife Pat's election as MP, is something I cannot answer. The Labour party generally in the North East is not renown as a campaigning organisation. The Labour establishment simply believes they have a natural right to rule. Why campaign when they have all the power?

Quite which new direction Mr Simpson will send his constituency in terms of campaigning is also something I cannot answer. The real interest however is in whether or not this is the first shot fired in a more brutal civil war in the Labour party. Will the momentum behind Momentum mean they start eyeing up Labour MPs and councillors who are not "socialist" enough (that does not narrow down the field very much)? Will the prospect of deselection stalk the Labour establishment? And what about Labour's choice of candidate for the North East elected mayor in May 2017? Will Momentum be pressing for a left winger or will the Labour establishment be able to impose one of their dinosaurs?

It's probably too early to say. If Corbyn's current poor performance continues, and he is given his marching orders, will Momentum sit idly buy and watch as the Beloved Leader is dumped?

It's all turning into an interesting spectator blood sport.

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