Sunday, November 29, 2015

Labour MPs "make me sick" - claims Labour MP

Blyth Valley Labour MP Ronnie Campbell is a cheer leader for Comrade Corbyn. He has spent all his years on the backbenches (he was elected in 1987). He has now waded into the row between Corbyn and a significant part of Labour's shadow cabinet over Syria. In our regional newspaper, The Journal, yesterday, he lets rip about those on the right of the party. "They make me sick," Comrade Campbell is reported as saying.

Clearly there are differing positions in the Labour party on Syria, as indeed there are in all the parties. Differences of opinion have to be respected but the spitting of venom by the increasingly fractious Labour party at themselves over Syria reminds me so much of the (for Labour) calamitous years of the 1980s when Labour members were more interested in beating each other up than trying to beat the Conservatives. What a sorry mess.

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