Monday, March 29, 2010

Clapometer and blood on the floor (not)

I guess it was never going to be a bloodbath, or indeed a session with any bloodletting. The Chancellors' debate saw no blood on the floor. But for the political anoraks, it was great stuff. And if there was a clapometer, Vince would be the winner. His dry wit was fired at Osborne on one memorable occasion in particular. In typical Vince style it was balanced, with an attack on the "fiction" of Darling's "efficiency savings", a fiction Osborne himself attacked last week and now uses to form the basis of his own revenue plans.

The important point for Lib Dems is that we were there at the top table, and were treated equally. The two-party bias was knocked for six by that.

Anyway, we did not have an entirely blood free day. Kevan Jones, Minister for defence, was ripped limb from limb by Gurkha campaigner Joanna Lumley. He's lying in the Lumley morgue next to Phil Woolas.

Anyway, back to the debate. The coverage I have seen on BBC and Sky is that Vince was the winner.
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