Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking leave of their senses

The RMT have just announced the results of their ballot to cut their own throats. Strikes seem to be the flavour of the day with unions in the transport sector. BA cabin crew, amongst the best paid in the industry, are striking. The rail maintenance and now the signal workers are going on strike. There seems to be a new militancy in the trade union leadership. And it comes on the eve of an election. Not only is union militancy undermining the industries in which they work, they could be undermining the Labour party. I don't have a problem with Labour support falling in on itself, but it leaves you wondering about Unite. They pour vast sums into Labour coffers and then kick the party in the knackers.

The RMT is a different kettle of fish. They were kicked out of Labour years ago. But they behave like a bunch of dinosaurs.
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