Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not so "Blaydon born" as was thought

The Tory from Tunbridge Wells who is standing for the Tyneside constituency of Blaydon, where I live, is battling from a distant 3rd place under the banner "Blaydon Born and Bred". After so many years away from our area it is always enjoyable to see those who have abandoned the North East return for at least a momentary stay back on the patch. Whether or not this Tory candidate stays around after what is very likely to be a heavy defeat on 6th May is not clear.

However, I was intrigued by the claim about being "Blaydon born". The reason I raise an eyebrow about that is because he says on his website that he was born in Newcastle. Whilst Blaydon and Newcastle face each other across the Tyne, being born in Newcastle is not quite the same as being born in Blaydon!

Perhaps his slogan should be "Born in Newcastle and abandoned Blaydon years ago, now based in Tunbridge Wells". It's a bit of a mouthful but has a great ring to it! Another slogan could be "Lives closer to Brussels than Blaydon". I'm sure that would look good in a leaflet.

Mind you, despite the Tunbridge Wells Tory's long absence, he does claim to be a local candidate and criticises our candidate for not being local! (Neil Bradbury lives in Prudhoe, which borders Blaydon.) Short of a shifting of the tectonic plates which went unnoticed whilst I was editing videos or forking manure onto my allotment, I was under the impression that Prudhoe is decidedly more local than Tunbridge Wells.
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Anonymous said...

Blaydon born and bred?
Born in Newcastle?
He hasn't exactly used his loaf with that one!
A clear fight between Labour and Lib-Dems