Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just finished my next Focus

I seem to have spent the evening doing my accounts, editing the Chris Huhne programme about conference and writing and putting together another village Focus. I'll not say where the Focus is for. After all, I don't want to tip off the Labour members who avidly read my blog for clues as to what we are up to. I see from comments by a certain Conservative who does not live here in Blaydon that the Cameroonies are also avid readers of this blog. It's a minor boost for my ego that the Tory from Tunbridge Wells, who is fighting to save his deposit in Blaydon, expends so much of his intellectual energy in his recently established (but not very often updated) blog on attacks on me! I'm already looking forward to the next one!

The useful point about Focus is that I have been given more than enough news to fill an A3 Focus. Some stories will have to be held over to later editions. I'll also get as much of the material I have been given into the email newsletters I produce for residents of Gateshead. Hopefully I will get the next one written tomorrow. Watch this space.

As for my plan to curl up tonight with a history book to catch up on my reading - forget it! Reading and writing about wheelie bins, removal of rubbish, school closures and how the Conservatives can't win here got in the way of that!


Julie said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes other things as you say, removal of rubbish and school closures might distract us from what we really want to do like catching up with a book we are reading. Anyways, the important thing is Improving focus and that´s it. You don´t need to care about some readers attacks, that is normal and I believe this blog is awesome.
Please keep it up, and keep us posted!

Julie said...
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