Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Heading to Westminster to shoot some videos

I spent the morning in my flat in London editing more videos for candidates and now I'm heading in to Westminster to film a few more. These ones will be about the budget.

I watched the Chancellor present the budget and decided that the rabbit out of the hat moment was the agreement with Belize to crackdown on tax evasion! A nice bit of political drama and comedy combined but not greatly relevant to the majority of people. It does bring me on to a point about my constituency of Blaydon. The Tory from Tunbridge Wells who is aiming to save his deposit in the constituency has written a new post on his blog. That in itself is news as it is not a site updated everyday. He has challenged the Labour MP to say whether or not he gets any funding from Unite and if so, whether or not he will refuse to take the cash.

I personally have no idea about Unite's funding arrangements with Mr Anderson, but if the last election is anything to go by, it was private business that was bankrolling Mr Anderson's election campaign. He got a donation of £5000 from a firm of solicitors - Thompsons - who have made a fortune out of miners' claims for industrial diseases. Not bad for a "socialist" opponent of the capitalist system.

Maybe the Tunbridge Tory would care to tell everyone whether or not be has received Ashcroft cash. My guess is that he hasn't as the money only goes to seats that are winnable for he Tories. That means the cash is well out of reach for the Tunbridge Tory. Still, it's worth asking the question and also worth asking if he were offered Ashcroft gold, would he refuse it?
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