Sunday, March 14, 2010

Led up the carbon footpath

I have been a bit quite on the blog over the past week or so because of a rather heavy workload. This post should have gone up on the blog just after the last full council in Gateshead but fell victim to the onslaught of videos demanded by candidates. As I am on the train and was hoping to get some kip but have been unable to fall asleep, I am using the moment to catch up with a few things on my blackberry instead.

Councillor Mick McNestry is Labour cabinet member for the environment. At last council he was talking about an award Gateshead had received. Something to do with cutting carbon footprints. Except that Mick referred to cutting "carbon footpaths" instead. He was initially unaware of his mistake and looked a bit bemused when people started laughing at what was supposed to be a serious point.

Fortunately for Mick he saw the funny side of it when his mistake was explained to him. At the risk of destroying Mick's standing in his own group, I just want to say I rather like the bloke and get on well with him. But his error was quite amusing. It wasn't that he was trying to lead us up the carbon footpath. Maybe at a future meeting he will repeat the mistake - or make a carbon copy of it!

I'm trying to think of ways of getting in carbonara but perhaps that's enough of that!
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