Friday, March 26, 2010

A trade union or a surrogate passenger safety agency

The RMT is an organisation that makes even the most dinosaur of Labour backbenchers look like an evolutionary-advanced species. Their decision to strike on the day Brown will call the election is politically motivated. It's nothing to do with pay and conditions. It's all about kicking the government.

Don't get me wrong, I am no fan of this government, but neither are the RMT. Their strike over fears for passenger safety means they are posing as a surrogate agency for the protection of passenger safety. There are other organisations officially carrying out that role. The RMT's self-appointment to the position is nothing other than a smokescreen for the RMT's leadership to pursue a political agenda of their own.

The result of these strikes will be fewer people using rail and more vehicles on the roads. And of course, less business for the railways means less cash to pay the wages of those working on the railways.

Ironically, I am sitting on a train as I write this. After a week of filming in London I'm heading home. With the rail strikes now likely to happen, I've decided to do no more trips to London before the general election. That does of course mean I have more time to spend on campaigning on my home patch. It seems each cloud does have a silver lining!
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