Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The GMTV candidate in Lib Dem target seat

I am not a great fan of GMTV. Too often it is a programme that sucks up to the Labour Party in the most nauseating manner. Today we learn that Gloria De Piero has been parachuted in by Labour in Ashfield constituency following the early retirement of Geoff Hoon who attempted to suicide bomb Gordon Brown into resignation.

Ms De Piero is the ex-political editor of GMTV but has no apparent links with the constituency and lives in London. Clearly a case of using a constituency as a stepping stone to a career in Parliament.

Jason Zadronzy is our candidate there and has been going great guns over the past couple of years. Let's hope the good people of Ashfield vote to keep Ms De Piero on the morning tv slot rather than occupying a seat in the Commons.
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Anonymous said...

Check out today's World At One, which I've blogged about. The interview with Ashfield Council's Labour group leader was very enlightening indeed!