Monday, March 01, 2010

Heading home with a stack of videos

In a fit of excessive precaution, I left my house in London to catch the train and then Tube to Kings Cross for the 2.30pm train to Newcastle. I am heading home after 10 days of filming in Westminster with a couple of trips to Greenwich and Oxfordshire to take a few memory cardfulls of photos. Alas, I have arrived at KX with 50 minutes to spare. So I am making use of the new seating area in the station to write another blog post and read the book which I brought for this trip to London and barely had time to touch, "Victorian Farm".

I have a whole stack of videos to edit from this trip which will keep me going for the next week. Also needed this week is the next edition of Parliamentary Campaigner. For non-Lib Dems reading this, it is a campaign newsletter I edit for Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidates. It needs to be done for Friday. Sadly, I'm not expecting to get out much over the coming days!

I have however timed my train to get me back in time for the Gateshead Lib Dem council group meeting at 6pm tonight. We have John Robinson, boss of the council's waste management system, speaking to us tonight to update us on arrangements for the forthcoming waste disposal system. Should be interesting and not something I want to miss.

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